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Choosing to repair a faulty circuit board is the most time- and cost-efficient decision your operation can make. Ensil has been repairing electronic circuit boards for over 30 years, providing short lead times and significant cost savings for industrial, manufacturing, communications, medical, aerospace and aviation, and military industries.

As a contract manufacturer, our expert team of technicians and engineers welcome all repairs on printed circuit boards, power supplies, displays, drives, controllers, and similar technologies. All circuit board repair is done in our secure, ESD-controlled high-tech facility.

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Each non-conforming production run of electronic circuit boards cause significant losses, both logistically and financially. With our huge OEM database and in-house parts inventory, Ensil can step in and provide efficient and cost-effective rework solutions, whether you’re located here in Canada or overseas.

Our BGA rework system and sophisticated x-ray equipment in our engineering lab allows our engineers and technicians to check for voids or short circuits at up to 2000x magnification. Your rework process is overseen by instructor-level IPC professionals who are experts in the precision removal and placement of electronic components, and our IPC procedures are backed by our ISO 9001-2008 quality system. We welcome equipment from all industries, with our specialties being in medical, industrial, manufacturing, and military electronic circuit board rework

One step repair request process

All you need to do is to send in your defected item and email us the tracking number. We will send you a free estimate form that you may sign if you agree with terms and fees and wait for your item to get back to you soon after. 

We ship to and accept shipments worldwide.

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Put our expertise to work on your locomotive/wagon/station electronics circuit board repair. Whether you need a straightforward repair or major rework on your circuit board, We have the equipment, experience, and professional technicians to service your board.

Our in-house inspection systems allows our technicians to inspect the integrity of complex terminations located underneath array component packages and flip-chip bare, such as ball grid arrays and chip scale packages. This level of inspection is absolutely necessary! Array packages contribute to higher densities of electronic circuit boards.

Our systems can perform complex correlations and movements in real time so our technicians and engineers can locate components like hidden solder joints, or internally view new generations of chip packages. Powered by a motion controller, basic hand movements of our techs can position the circuit board or chip while simultaneously focusing the imaging system. The detail and precision of our inspection systems can identify the most delicate of component damage.

As with our Circuit Board Rework services, instructor-level IPC professionals oversee all rework, removal, and placement for any affected electronic components. All our IPC procedures are backed by our ISO 9001-2008 quality system

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Locomotive Services’ electronics manufacturing, design and reverse engineering capabilities are ready for your next project. Whether you need custom prototyping, technical consulting, compliance registration services of electronic printed circuit boards we can be your partner from concept to finish products.

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